Grow your own meals

For me there is little more satisfying in life than looking at the meal on your plate and knowing you raised and produced all the items in front of you.  It provides a sense of sufficiency, of self reliance.  Now, I can’t say that I’ve ever done that what with not being a farmer or a hunter but as a humble gardener I can at least provide the vast majority of ingredients to our daily meals.  Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, salad, cucumber etc etc.  I grow all of these things to try and provide for my family throughout the year.  The great challenge with really good vegetable gardening is not producing a crop; that bit is easy if you get the basics right.  The real challenge is getting your vegetable plot not only productive throughtout the whole year but also into the next year.   Problem is it is very easy to get it wrong (just ask my beetroot last year!)

The spirit of gardening

I find the cycle of life in the garden (and the vegetable plot) reaffirming.  The garden is an escape and the vegetable plot the “Genius Loci” – the spirit of the place. Follow my weekly YouTube gardening channel for seasonal tips, recipes and ideas

National Pumpkin Sowing day

According to Thompson & Morgan today is national pumpkin sowing day.  Now I must admit that pumpkins are a long way from being one of my favourite vegetables.  A very very long way in fact.  But I do like squashes.  A lot.  Butternut being an absolute must have...

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Bumblebees on Pulmonaria

Bumblebees love Pulmonaria. Copious blossoms and also in flower at a time of year when the forage is quite limited. I've got loads of them in the garden (too many in fact) but won't start remodelling the garden until my furry flying friends have something else to...

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Spring is springing

The beautiful (and suprisingly tough) Bletilla Striata.  A terrestrial orchid native to Asia that with a bit of care, attention and careful location can grow suprisingly well in the UK.  These are second season for me and once they've spread I'll look for a nice woody...

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