The edible garden part 2

Now here’s a berry that you’ve probably all eaten a product of but were never aware.  Next time you’re munching on some fruit pastilles or other dark/purple coloured fruit conconction look for the word Aronia juice.  This is a very very purple juice produced from the Aronia berry (Aronia Prunifolia or Aronia melanocarpa).  It’s the poor relative of superfoods as it has a very sharp and astringent taste when eaten raw (hence the unappetising name of chokeberry) but added to other juices/jams or whatever it can add a real antioxidant punch.

It’s a shrub that grows at the edge of woods in damp slightly acidic soil.  No good for the chalk downs but if you’re on wealden clay or other acid soil then give it a go.  If it’s happy it’ll flourish and you’ll be spoilt for berries for ever.  The blackbirds seem to love them too. Other Aronia suppliers are available