According to Thompson & Morgan today is national pumpkin sowing day.  Now I must admit that pumpkins are a long way from being one of my favourite vegetables.  A very very long way in fact.  But I do like squashes.  A lot.  Butternut being an absolute must have although my success rates are a bit hit and miss as I generally plant far too early and the poor seedlings struggle in the cold soil and air of the UK spring. So maybe whilst everyone is planting their pumpkins today I’ll do the same with my squashes.  These are all voraciously hungry plants in terms of food and water.  Starved of either for even a short time and you’ll be let down so make sure your plants are sitting on nice rich piles of well rotted manure and compost.  I’ll be digging nice deep holes and filling with the good stuff.  This will help water retention as well.  My seedlings will be started in pots in a warmer location and moved in to place when I can rely on the weather not to let me down.