Grow your own meals

For me there is little more satisfying in life than looking at the meal on your plate and knowing you raised and produced all the items in front of you.  It provides a sense of sufficiency, of self reliance.  Now, I can’t say that I’ve ever done that what with not being a farmer or a hunter but as a humble gardener I can at least provide the vast majority of ingredients to our daily meals.  Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, salad, cucumber etc etc.  I grow all of these things to try and provide for my family throughout the year.  The great challenge with really good vegetable gardening is not producing a crop; that bit is easy if you get the basics right.  The real challenge is getting your vegetable plot not only productive throughtout the whole year but also into the next year.   Problem is it is very easy to get it wrong (just ask my beetroot last year!)

The spirit of gardening

I find the cycle of life in the garden (and the vegetable plot) reaffirming.  The garden is an escape and the vegetable plot the “Genius Loci” – the spirit of the place. Follow my weekly YouTube gardening channel for seasonal tips, recipes and ideas

Farmer Brown’s Garden

So I've started a Youtube channel.  It's called Farmer Brown's Garden and will offer a weekly clip on what to do in the garden, various tips and other stuff.  My first rough and ready foray is available below.  Feel free to subscribe and pass on any comments ideas or...

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The edible garden part 3

The garden we inherited when we moved in a few years ago is made up of very traditional beds and herbaceous plants.  Nice to look at for about three months of the year but the rest of the time? pretty much meh. As we clear the beds for different uses (herbs, climbing...

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The edible garden part 2

Now here's a berry that you've probably all eaten a product of but were never aware.  Next time you're munching on some fruit pastilles or other dark/purple coloured fruit conconction look for the word Aronia juice.  This is a very very purple juice produced from the...

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Mayan Gold potatoes

Finally found some Mayan Gold seed potatoes - IMHO the king of potatoes (a phujera type) that make the finest roast potatoes know to man. If you have the room (and the manure) they should be your first choice potato for the home garden. You won't look back.

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